ISERROR should return true when the input is the text "#N/A"

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ISERROR should return true when the input is the text "#N/A"

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ISERROR does not return TRUE if the input value is the string "#N/A".

This results in an annoying issue where if an automation writes "#N/A" as a value (for example, as a result of a FINDROW that did not return a matching result), then any formulas that use ISERROR will NOT correctly detect that there was an error.

See the below screenshot -
Cell A2 contains a formula =FINDROW(A_Actions,"A_Actions[Action Item]=%","nonsense").
Cell A3 contains the text "#N/A".
The formula =ISERROR([Column1]) returns different values, as shown in Column2.

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I think we can work around the issue by writing to cells as the formula rather than the value, or by explicitly checking for the text "#N/A", but this was an annoying subtlety to debug.

Hi @Shavina, thanks for posting your feedback and sharing your experience with us! I will pass this feedback to our team. Thanks too for sharing the screenshot samples to explain what you’re experiencing. If you have a specific use case with creating an automation that takes data from a FINDROW formula and writes it to your table column, let me know and I can note that to our team as well.

Seeing that the automation writes “#N/A” as the value in your sample, you are on point with using a different formula to check for this (ie. using an IF function to return TRUE when [Column1]=“#N/A”). Another alternative that may apply in your case is to write the FINDROW formula as your table column formula instead and have it find a row from another Table[Column] where it equals [column in current table]. For example:
image (61)

If you have any further feedback as you build, let us know!

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