Issue with Filtered List - Not Counting all Results

I have a section of my app which counts all entries in a given month per user. This number is displayed at the top of a filtered list which shows the user only their entries. The issue is that now that number is much lower than the amount of entries displayed. I think it might be a time zone issue in one of my formulas since it is based on a calendar month, but I cant figure out where since all the dates are displayed accurately and in the correct month. The formulas for the list and the number are pulled from the same data.

Hi @blairmartin,

If you are using the same WHERE clause, then the results should be exactly the same.

One thing you can do is to use the same source for both the number displayed and the list. You can do this by defining the FILTER in a Data Cell as a Variable. By default when the FILTER is used in a Data Cell, it displays the count of the rows that match. Then you can use the Data Cell as the Source of the List - that way both the number displayed and the rows displayed will be one and the same.

Here is how you can do this. I used the Team Task Tracker template for this example.

You can create a Data Cell and specify the formula for that to be the FILTER expression for all entries in a given month. For example, you can do something like:

=FILTER(A_Tasks, "MONTH(A_Tasks[Due])=MONTH(TODAY())")

Say this Data Cell is called TasksForCurrentMonth. By default, the data cell will display the count of the number of rows that meet this filter. Notice how the Data Cell display "2" - this is the count of the tasks due in the current month in my A_Tasks table.

In this example, I used the MONTH function over the Due column in the A_Tasks table. And used MONTH(TODAY()) to get the current month.

Now, for the List in the app, use this as the Source of the List. This way, the two will be in sync.