Issues in Honeycode Courses Module 2

I'm doing "Honeycode Courses module 2", and i'm experiencing a couple of issues.

At the moment i'm stuck at "Mission 4 – Customize the App", because i can't understand how to do step 3 and 4.

Step 3:
I successfully rename the column, but i don't understand how to show the header!
In explanation gif, it seems created from the App Wizard, but it isn't in my app...

Step 4:
Pretty the same in the step 4, in the step by step instruction, it seems the "list" is created by the App Wizard, but it isn't in my app and i'm stuck :frowning:

I'm experiencing an other issue in the tables.
When i add some data, also if i select them in the picklist, new data are counted right in tables, but the field is wrote as new, so you will see it twice in the picklist next time!
Maybe it's a problem with permits of the imported CVS?

I'm not sure Community Discussions is the right place for that kind of topic, maybe we need a sub category in the forum...

Hey @Simone, appreciate your feedback. This is a good place to post and I'll forward it to our content team to review.

Hi Simone, Welcome to Amazon Honeycode! I've been going through this tutorial and wanted to share my steps to help troubleshoot. So I just completed Step 3 - renaming the column. When I go to the app screen, this is what shows up

At first the column name does not appear because there is no item selected. When I select an item in the drop-down, then the column header appears.

So until there is data, the item does not display. You'll find this feature in other parts of Honeycode. For example, if you create a list but there is no data, it does not display anything in the list rows.

Ok, I'm now digging into step 4. I think I may have found what's going on. When you changed the column name, it updates the name on the app screen in the Builder. When you look at the list object (click on the list object and select the data tab), it looks like the data source still has the old column name.

Notice these items that provide an indication of something not quite right: 1) The red warning sign on the data source, and 2) The list object count is zero. But we know that Blaine Bloodhound has collected treats.

If you now change the column name to "[Crew Treat Finding History]" in the data source, you will see that the red exclamation mark goes away. And you can also see that the list object now shows 5 items.

I'm now looking at your item regarding tables. Are you adding data directly in the Treats table or are you adding it from the app? Also, did you create Treats_Who using the picklist wizard?

On my side, I just added new data in both the app and directly in the Treats table. I'm not getting the same result that you posted above. If you used the picklist wizard, there should be no data appended to the Treats_Who table because the entries in column A remain static, and column B is what changes when you add new data to the Treats table.

However, if you used the Summary wizard to create the Treats_Who table, it's possible to get the result you showed. When you use the Summary Wizard, the new table is set up with automations that update the summary table with new data when there are changes in the source table. So adding a new entry would also add that new entry here as well.

I'm adding data from the app!
It happens in every columns :man_shrugging: