Just getting started questions

Complete newbie just starting out, with a couple of questions, I have scanned the forums and cant see any solutions, please help.

  1. create a field in a table of type TEXT or AUTO, enter in a long number of 20 characters or above i.e. 12345687901234567890 and it display in the cell as : 1.23456E+19 , but in the data entry field above as the number I entered. I wont be doing maths on this field, so simple text should work ?

EDIT - I have just noticed it also corrupts the number in the data entry box replacing the 5 digits with zeros

I recognise the reformatted number as a mathematical representation of the data I entered , but why is it doing this in a text field and how do I make it displkay as entered ?

  1. Runnig my app on an Iphone , it is not swinging into landscape mode when I swin g the phone over.
    Is this a setting somewhere stopping this?

  2. If I log into twice as different users and update the same record by one user displaying the record and update some fields but not press done while the other user picks up the same record and updates I can easily get in a situation where one user is loosing data. Another situation is using the method of obtaining the next number on a control table and updating it when done - in a multi user situation numbers can get out of sequence.
    Is there a formal record locking strategy to stop this forcing a "record in use by another user - please wait" I can use , or some other method I have missed?

  3. When using lists, is there a method to prompt for Next Page / Previous Page / Start / End when displaying long lists - instead of the list simply running on with no awareness of screen depth ?
    In use on a mobile device especially I can see this getting tedious to use.

  4. are UK dd/mm/yyyy dates possible as a standard format ?

Thanks in advance

  1. ... so simple text should work ?

I'm not following, what are you trying to get to work?

  1. Is this a setting somewhere stopping this?

HC mobile is vertical only for now.

3a. ~multiple users editing the same record at the same time, worried about losing data

If you want, you could build a whole checkout system for an entry. Or, simpler, you could just show the person the edited entry after they finish, and in the event of data loss, they can re-edit it.

3b. obtaining the next number on a control table and updating it when done

Look into GetRow( ) and automations.

  1. Pagination for lists instead of infinite loading

I don't think so.

I don't know about 5. It may be possible to hack it by pulling strings out of a date, and then concatenating it all.

Hi AndrewB

Re my number 1 , steps to reproduce are :

  1. add a new field to a table and format as plain text. No formulas or Automation etc.
  2. While still in the tables view, type into the newly added field the following string 123456978901234567890
    i.e. 20 characters that happen to be numbers.
    Please report back when happens to the contents of the file after you tab or return out of it.
    I am seeing it transformed into 1.23456E+18 , then if you double click on that field it transforms again into 1234567890123460000.
    In my experience text fields should be able to contain the normal ASCII printable characters, and redisplay them without any processing done on them.

As I mentioned before I recognise the E+18 as an mathematical exponential formating, but dont understand its context here.

Please let me know if you can reproduce.
The real world use case is inputting bar code numbers and serial numbers.


Hi @Grabs & @AndrewB ,

Lots of great questions and suggestions! Please keep them coming, we are continuously working towards making it easier for you to build apps using Honeycode. I have addressed all the questions below:

  1. For the long number, I checked and looks like if you set the column format to Plain text, it is maintaining the long number and not truncating the number in any way.
    As for when you set it to Auto or Number format, I see what you mean about the changing number. Thanks for bringing up this issue, I have assigned it with our product team to take a deeper look.

  2. As @AndrewB mentioned, currently we only support portrait mode for our apps. I have shared it with our Product team for consideration.

  3. To avoid having table rows over written by multiple users, you can create forms in your app with Save & Cancel buttons, so that the entry is submitted only when a user enters all the data and presses the Save button. Here is an article on how to build a form.

  4. Currently we only support lists with continuous scroll, but we have taken your suggestion for Next/Previous to see long lists for future updates.

  5. We do support MMMM dd, yyyy which can be found in the Format panel in tables, under display preferences. However, I will reach out to our product team to ensure they consider dd/mm/yyyy for a future update.

Let me know if these solutions solved the issue, or if you have more questions.

Hi @Grabs & @AndrewB ,

One other suggestion. Quote the number before entering them, and it will stay as a text value. This is typically how it is done in spreadsheets.

For example, instead of just entering




This is also the same technique you can use to enter numbers with leading zeros.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Rucha @Razi

@Rucha thanks for running with the dd/mm/yyyy format . Appreciated.
As I am sure you understand that issue will be a big negative for UK builders.
For the Auto and Number formats not working for long numbers.

@Razi Good suggestion thank you , though I would class it as a workaround. Data integrity should be a top priority and I would hope to see it fixed very soon.

Thank all

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