Keep connection alive

Hi, I'm using Honeycode as a time tracking app for my employees. We have a tablet mounted on the wall in our shop and employees can select their name from a list and clock in / out. However we are having an issue where the app seems to not like sitting for a long time. After the screen has been off for a few hours and we unlock the tablet and tap an entry, it doesn't appear to work right away. I've found by looking at the records that it does consistently log the entry eventually, but it can be more than a minute until the UI is updated. This causes a lot of double / triple tapping. Is there a cold start happening that causes this long delay?

Note that the app is not closed, the tablet is just locked.

Hi @isaiah.taylor, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Thank you for sharing what you're experiencing; we're happy to take a look into this.

Quick questions: When you submit an entry in the app, does it write to the table immediately, even if delayed in the app? And are you seeing multiple entries when you tap submit multiple times?

Also, could you submit this to us in an issue report? In Honeycode, click on the Help icon in the left-hand panel > "Report an issue." This includes logs that help our team see what may be going on.