Launch a Honeycode app on AWS

Hello guys,

I am new to Honeycode and want to build a demo for my company to show the power of a non-code solution as compared to our traditional wow.

My question is, how i can deploy an app which i've built in here to an AWS instance. Or do i start with a Honeycode instance on AWS (if it exists).

Thanks a bunch people


Hi @Hurndog,

Welcome to Honeycode and thank you for your question!

We use the concept of Teams to share apps, which means you have to add users to your team to grant them access to it. The app is still public/internet-facing, however, it's a matter of who has been granted access. For more info on Teams, please visit here: Adding Team Members

You can use your current account to build apps and share them with a few people to demo. If you need to add more than 20 users, connect your Honeycode account to an AWS account. This opens the option to use SSO to easily manage your team. Here is an article for pricing and another for the SSO option.

I hope this helps and please let us know if you need any additional information!

Thank you,