Limit picklist options according to $[SYS_USER] many to many

I have an app form screen as follows:

The dropdown should be a FILTER() of table Advertisers according to $[SYS_USER]. In the Advertisers table I have a column named authorized_users which is itself formatted as:


Following the examples from the screenshots, how can I make the dropdown in my build to display only row 2 of table Advertisers to the 2 authorized users and row 3 to none. I'm trying the following unsuccessfully:

=FILTER(Advertisers,"$[SYS_USER] IN Advertisers[authorized_users]")

Column authorized_users is based on the following table:

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Hi @arammaliachi,

Thank you for your details here :honey_pot:

You're very close! You just need to add the column of the agents you want to check. This means your formula will look like:

=FILTER(Advertisers,"$[SYS_USER] IN Advertisers[authorized_users][agent]")

This is how it would look in Builder:

And in the app:

Hope this helps clarify! Let us know if we can help with anything else. :honeybee:

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