Limitations vs other popular no-code platforms like PowerApps?

Hi all,

I would like to start with Honeycode but before investing a lot of resources into it, I was wondering if there is a comparison table between Honeycode to other popular no-code platforms like PowerApps, or a list that provides known limitations (or future updates/features that are expected).


It really depends on what you are looking to build. Can you give an idea of what that is?

I personally haven't run into limitations as Honeycode can integrate with Amazon's other services and you can use Zapier for functionality that doesn't exist already.

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Not really @Max, in PowerApps from Microsoft or AppSheet from Google, you at least can connect to their database services such as Azure SQL or Google Cloud SQL, but in Honeycode, you cannot.

@Dinh-1274 Yeah not easily unfortunately. You should be able to do it with the Honeycode APIs though

No offline capability.