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Is it possible to request the ability to link between workbooks in order to encompass separate departments? For example

Admin team - using a project management app linking with contractors who are using a field service app.

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Great feature request, I too have a use case were I have to launch an already existing app and it would be nice to be able to even share some data while the application transitions to the next application.

In native iOS its typically handled with the URL schema and in Android it's intents.

I hope this feature requests gets some traction.



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Hi @Zoe_N,

First off, welcome to the community! We're happy to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

Great suggestion, thank you for submitting this.

Just so our team has more info, we have a couple of quick questions. Could you expand on the problem that you're looking to solve? And if applicable, how is your team currently blocked without this?

This info helps us weigh which requests to focus on for our next updates.

And @muyal, thanks for chiming in! We'll add that to the notes of the feature request.

Hi and thankyou,

Ok so currently the administration team runs off a few different project management programs (g suite/quire etc) while the contractors are simply notified via a email with PDF attachment.

I am currently modifying the Field service Agent app for the contractors and seeing if it will suit requirements. However I was also interested in streamlining the admin process by having all operations running from the one program. Because of the large number of output from this company I was looking at having the admin team work with a project management type of app which can work with a field service agent app. This would require information regarding work orders to be shared between the two so real time information can be monitored and actioned.

I hope that makes sense

Hi @Zoe_N,

Thanks for providing the details and use case!

I'll submit this to our team as a feature request to be able to easily link data between existing workbooks.

I'll also note, that one way you could achieve this now within Honeycode would be to create one workbook from which you build the related apps (the different apps that share the same data).

In your case, you could provide access for both groups or departments to one workbook and within that workbook, build apps accordingly for each department's function (i.e. field service app and order management app). This set up could allow both groups to be able to access and reference the same data.

Let me know if you have any questions around that. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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