Linking comments to a record from a separate table

I am trying to enable multiple comments per a single contact in a personal CRM I am trying to create. For example John Smith sits in a Customer_Info table as a row, I want to link a Customer_Notes table that will store all notes related to John Smith and then display on a Customer Detail page. I am struggling to displayed the notes filtered by the contact vs. all notes in the Customer Table. Any help is appreciated.

@Marc-4579 welcome to the forum and thanks for the question! If I understood you correctly, you need a filter expression as a source for the list in your Customer Detail page that correctly filters out all the notes corresponding to that particular customer. The specifics of that filter expression will depend on your how you have structured your tables.

Assuming you have a picklist column on the Customer_Info table in your Customer_Notes table, called 'Customer'; and assuming the Customer Detail page has a variable data cell InputRow which represents the customer row from Customer_Info Table, the filter expression might look something like:

=Filter(Customer_Info, "Customer_Info[customer]=$[InputRow")

If you still need help, to better answer your question, would it be possible to share a couple of screenshots of your tables and the filter expression you're having trouble with?

These are the tables that I was referencing and here is the formula I was using - =Filter(Contact_Notes, "Contact_Notes[Notes] =$[InputRow]")

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Thanks for sharing @Marc-4579, in this instance, since you have already created the filters in the Notes column, the solution is much simpler, the source of your list in your Customer Detail screen can be


Please let us know if this doesn't work.

Thanks, this gives me a result of 1 (as in one record) but doesn't actually show the note that is linked in the Contact_Notes table. I would like it to display the LastContact and Notes columns for any records in that table when looking at the Contact Detail page.

Hi @Marc-4579 understood, can you try the following steps:

  1. In the "Customer Detail" screen insert a column list object

  1. In the modal that pops up, select Customer_Notes as the source table and choose the columns you want displayed on the screen.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 2.44.34 PM

  1. Once the list has been inserted, select the list. In the right panel where it says Set source, replace =Customer_Notes with =$[InputRow][Notes]

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