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The Task Tracker template app seems to use a variable $[Input_Row] in the outer block of the Edit page to allow the Action from the "All Task" page to be passed in bulk to the Edit page, where the individual data cells are set as Shared values rather than local variables.

How is this achieved? My attempts to replicate it by setting the Source on the outer Block result in an error message; "Formula Contains a Missing Reference" and the variable on the Action cannot be set, the on screen message telling me to create a local variable.

Hi @Andr-53ac

Clicking on a task in the All Tasks page runs a Navigation Automation configured under the "Actions" tab for the list and passes the row you tapped as the $[InputRow] in the edit screen:

In the Edit page, you will see that the top part is set to store the passed row:

since the entire row information is available, you can reference any column of the $[InputRow] in the subsequent block(s) if you set the block source to be $[InputRow].

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

This is exactly what I'm trying to replicate, but I must be missing some crucial step that I can't see mentioned in your reply.

This screen shot shows that the Edit page doesn't like the =$[InputRow] formula.

Which leaves me unable to set the variable on Automation List view. The image for which will have to go in a second post. I'm only allowed to set one image in each post as a new user.

List view, does not accept that the Block =$[InputRow] is a valid variable for Automation.

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Right, I see it now.
The top block is purely to receive the InputRow, with the second block displaying the data.
I'd missed the top block and gone straight to display.

The Top block should have no source set.
The top block DataCell name becomes the variable to be filled on the previous page, and its initial value is "=Findrow(Source_Table)"
The second block source is set to the name of the DataCell in the top block.

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