Locating recover option in New experience

I am somehow not finding the 'Recover' option for my apps. I am the owner of each of my apps. Based on what I could find online, I have assumed that it should show up when clicking on the three dots next to my App's name when working within an app in the Edit screen, but it only shows "Rename". The screenshots of this option, that I have found online, might be from the Classic view (I am very new, this is a guess). Honeycode is connected to my AWS account. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I did run into situations where the rename feature would help me a lot.

where the rename feature would help me a lot

rename => recover
Sorry, I meant recover in that last sentence :sweat_smile:

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There is currently no function in the new experience to recover apps. Like you already mentioned, it is only available in the classic experience. However, I will pass along your feedback to our team.

Classic experience:

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