Login report?

Wondering if there would be an easy way to capture a login report for a honeycode app. We'd like to see which of our users are actually using one of our business apps.


Hi @BradArtman, today we do not have a way of capturing which users are opening which apps, however, you can implement audit functionality from within any given app. For example, when an app is opened, you might have a home screen with multiple buttons that lead to different areas of the app (list records, add record, etc.). Every time any of those buttons are clicked/tapped, the user, date/time, etc. can be logged in a table via an automation ($[SYS_USER] and NOW() )

You may want to check out this video for a working example: History, Audit Trails, Before and After - YouTube. Specifically, the 20:00 min mark.

The forum post describing the above video can be found here: You're invited to our History, Audit Trails, Before and After workshop on April 14th!

Hope this helps!