Looking for HoneyCode Consultant

Dare I say, developer, looking for someone to assist with development of an application. Our team is occupied so we are not able to learn/build something ourselves at the moment. I can provide some mockups/layouts to an interested developer. Looking for someone who is experienced in building an app using this tool.

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Hello @jeff-b4cb,

I'd be very interested in discussing this and hearing more about your requirements. I'd be happy to show you what I've built so far using the platform.

Please message me directly and we can arrange a time to discuss.



It looks like I can't direct message you for some reason, can you provide an email or slack link

Hi @jeff-b4cb, great to see the connections being made here. FYI, you should be able to DM now.

cc @Matt_BicycleBook

Hi @jeff-b4cb,

I'd also be very interested in hearing more about your requirements. I have already built two apps that are practical business use cases. I also have a background in data analysis and process improvement. Feel free to DM.



Hi Jeff,

I'd be glad to consider this and see if we're a good fit. I actually love building on Honeycode: the problem-solving, data structuring, and bringing the app to life.

Share your requirements with me and let's take it from there.

Best of luck


@Jared I would like to chat and see if you could help us?

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Hey @Chad-ab0c - welcome to the community! I will send you a DM shortly :smile:


Hi @Jared
How can we connect?
I have a project.

Hi @AJDa-7bb9 how do I give you my requirements? I made the spreadsheets I want to use but having a hard time linking them together in the way I need them to work. pls let me know or reach out thanks