Lost access to all apps and data

I cannot access my apps or data. I have a team with three or four members, and we have all lost access to the app. When I log in to the desktop web app, I see the following.

When I click "Reset Account" I just get the same message over and over again.

Hello @Isaiah,

Thank you for sharing what you bumped into. If this is still occurring for you, can you submit an issue report to us?

You can do so in the web version of Honeycode by clicking on the Help icon in the left-hand panel > "Report an issue." These reports include logs, which help us better investigate the issue.

In the report, describe the issue you are experiencing, any steps taken before it happened, and provide any relevant screenshots (such as the error message attached here). Also, please leave the auto-generated diagnostics ID as this is helpful for our team to investigate the issue.

I haven't seen that message before, but I have found that clearing my browser cache can alleviate a potentially similar issue where it lets me log in but doesn't show any apps. That happens sometimes when I switch between different Honeycode logins on the same computer.

I reported the issue, but I was not given any diagnostics ID.

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a shot, but it didn't help.

Hello @Isaiah,

I see your trouble ticket was created and assigned for the team to address.

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Any update? I am a paying customer running my business on this platform. I need access to my data as soon as possible.

Hi @Isaiah,

I've sent you a private message.

Confirmed privately that issue was fixed.