Mac w/Chrome

Many times I can't modify field values in Display and sometimes Data. Here, I can't remove the characters after TRUE. I can delete them but they come back. I can't remove the characters after TRUE. They come back after deletion.

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thank you for reaching out.

I'll appreciate if you can submit an issue report next time you face this issue. An issue report will give us more diagnostic to figure out the root cause.

I submitted issues. Wondering if others having same issue.

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks for submitting the issue report.

We are investigating the issue. If possible, can you please try to use a different browser (Firefox or Chrome) and let me know if you still see the same issue.

I've had the same issue on Windows 11 with Chrome.

Hi @Wayn-bcee , @Scot-c02f ,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have enquired with our internal teams. Looks like we had a blip.

I'll appreciate if you can try to do similar task again. Please let me know if you still sees the issue.

Will take a look in the future. The client's have several needs which requires at least a public website component then workflow.

This tool is built for known-teams in advance who need to collaborate on a workflow which is long-term vs. one off.

They are looking at SharePoint which allows both the public web component as well as orchestrating workflow.

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks for explaining the use case. As I mentioned earlier, Honeycode is team productivity tool and does not have public access feature yet.

Your feedback is valuable and I'll inform our PMs about the ask.

On other hand, I want to make sure that you are not facing issues modifying fields anymore.

Feel free to reach out to us if you still see any issue.