Make a Backup for the workbook

Hi Honeycode Team,

I would like to know if possible to make a backup to my work book in local drive (my PC) to avoid any lost any the Data.

Also i would like to know more about and privacy policy, is my data will be protected, and who can access to my data (expect the people that i'm sharing with )


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Hello @Hamz-f2e1, thanks for the post and welcome to the community! For your first question about backups, it is not possible to perform a backup to your local drive (PC). However, you can duplicate a Workbook, which is similar to a backup but online in your Honeycode drive.

Regarding data protection question - Yes your data is protected and only accessible by the people you share it with via our documented sharing model. And for privacy specifically, here is a link to our privacy notice for your clarification.

Hope this answers your questions but please let us know if you have any more!