Maximum Filter Rows Returned Before Timeout?

What is the maximum number of rows that can be returned by a filter on a UI screen before Honeycode times out and doesn't load the screen at all?

This is happening now on all three of our main apps.

I believe Honeycode lists only display up to 100 results, last I checked.

I found that some of my list screens sometimes do not render in if there is a problem with the filter formula. Did your formula work when the data set was smaller?

Yes, the screen rendered perfectly for the last six months. And yes, the data has been growing over that time. Only 10 days ago did it stop rendering.

Hi @scott-merry :honeybee: Thanks for letting know what you're experiencing -

There's no particular limit that would lead to seeing this issue, as different factors could possibly be the cause. Could you submit this to us in an issue report? The logs would be helpful for our team to see what may be going on.