May Meet and Greet!

Hello Honeycoders! :honey_pot:

We wanted to create a space for new builders to introduce themselves! Have you joined Honeycode this Spring? Or perhaps you joined before that and would like to say hello? We’d love to hear from you!

Ideas of what to share:

  • What industry are you in?
  • What brought you to Honeycode?
  • What are you looking to build in Honeycode?

Also, if you’re new to the product and would like help getting started with building apps, let us know! We’re happy to schedule a session with you. :slight_smile: :honeybee:


Hi there!

Dan from Origo Solutions here. We help people and enterprises to innovate by rapid prototyping. We're currently using Honeycode to support non-technical customers to build fast and affordable solutions to test their ideas or solve a current pain they have.

Pretty excited about the things you're building. Hope we can catch up



Hi @daniloedu, nice to meet you! :wave:

That's great, we're happy you can use Honeycode to quickly build solutions for your customers! Thanks for sharing a bit about your business. :slight_smile:

Let us know if we can help your team or customers in any way! Reach out anytime. :honeybee:

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Hello Everyone!

Matt from Sims Lohman Inc. Sims-Lohman Inc is a family-owned distributor of Cabinetry and fabricator of Granite and Quartz Countertops. We distribute over 50,000 new kitchens and 20,000 fabricated countertops annually.

I'm trying to learn / build a few apps to get our org out of using spreadsheets for everything. I see great promise if I can get over a few humps. We build enterprise software with a small development team and hope that I can start to create small apps myself to supplement and save our organization development time and eliminate information silos.


Nice to hear from you @MJ! Thank you for sharing more details about your company, industry, and builder goals. It's pretty amazing what your family-owned distributor delivers every year.

We know you've been active on the forums--asking questions, seeking advice, troubleshooting, etc., but do continue to let us know how we can help you build your apps :honeybee:

BTW - how large is your team? Are you the sole builder?

Sole Builder at the moment. Potentially our contract development team may want to experiment and help me get data to our other AWS systems / services using the API.

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Thanks for the further insight, @MJ! Definitely let us know if you or the development team needs help with any integrations or building in general :smiley:

Thank you asked for it... :smile: ... :ocean: of :question: on their way


Bring it! We're ready :racing_car: :raised_hands:

Hi @Alyssa !

I am Simon Lee, owner of a few IT companies such as Simafri. We even have a company which create software based on Symfony and ReactJS.

So why did we decide to go for Honeycode if we can built our own software ? Because we mainly use Honeycode for our inventories and to manage our administrative process workflows. And this is not worth it to develop it by ourselves. Moreover our processes evolve regulary, and so we have to adapt the database in a regular basis too, but these small improvments are so time consuming for so minor changes....

Before we were using Google sheets, because of its simplicity of set up and the fact that we can work on it with a team (and also remotly, even from the phones). But there was a huge lack of basic features (or too difficult to set them up), such as to link data from one sheet to another. And Honeycode perfectly address this issue.

Another problem with Google sheet is that we have to give a kind of all or nothing access to data. In Honeycode we love to build an app for that or that user, with data and a specific UI for his own needs.

But hey I'm not here to advertise for you :smiley: You have a great product. Actually, 2 years ago I was thinking to build a similar product as we noticed that many clients need a simple but very specific software. And using Symfony / ReactJS from sctrach for their use case is kind of smashing a fly with a hammer... For these clients, the needs in development were almost the same: few basic tables with some basic ManyToOne/OneToMany/ManyToMany relations, a CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) structure, which we can implement with Rest API, and a specific UI (simple but time consuming to build and secure). But we didn't have time and resources to go further in this idea. It needed a higher level of abstraction.

Then I discover the no-code solutions, and a few months ago, your software, and that's it, you did it.

So we jumped into it, and we are almost very happy with it.

Ok so what are we expecting now:

  • Support for uploads... Moreover you can use the very good S3 service for this... We really need this, take a photo with the app, store it in S3 and kind of link it to Honeycode. That would be terrific. In a more general idea, take advantage of all the features of a smartphone (GPS, etc.).
  • More beautiful UI for apps. And maybe a easier way to build them. For example, if you want to drag and drop a block, sometimes it doesn't select the right block, but the segment below it... It is annoying and stressful :smiley:
  • Possibility to give access to guests for our apps (not team member). So we can build some kind of survey for example. I know that your business model is not adapted to this, but that would be cool.
  • I know that you aim people/companies who/which do not have IT knowledge, but hey you know, clients won't do it by themselves anyway... I can buy buns, cheese and meat and do an hamburger by myself, but if I have money, I would prefer fo to MacDonald's and make someone does it for me... So what would be nice is maybe to set up a more developped program for partners like us, a way that we can work for the final clients, set up their own Honeycode. But we don't want to be paid one time as a consultant. We try to be as smart as Jeff Besos, and we want to be paid as a maintenance IT company with a recurring subscription, otherwise it doesn't worth it :wink:

I have another question: how secure is Honeycode ? I guess you do regular backups, but how often and where are they stored ? How can we do our own backups and download them (or store them in our own S3 bucket) ? Or can we restore tables by ourselves ?

And please do not rise prices when Honeycode will become more and more popular, because this is one of the main drawback of an external SaaS service, and also why clients (and us) sometimes prefer to develop our own solution even if something already exist in the market...

Ok I think that's enough for now.

Sorry for my English, I'm French.



Hi @Simon, nice meeting you here! :smiley:

We love how Honeycode has helped you manage your administrative workflows! That was one of our main goals of Honeycode: to help our users simplify and improve efficiency in business processes. :honey_pot:

We also appreciate your additional feedback and feature requests; I'll pass it along to our team. Several of your requests are items our team is already reviewing and considering for future iterations of Honeycode (From your list: uploads, integrations with AWS services (i.e. S3), image support, UI improvements, and sharing model improvements). I'm also noting your feedback on pricing and considering a model for consultants; I can see how in your line of work that could be helpful. :slight_smile:

Regarding data security, Honeycode data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and is secured on AWS servers. AWS services also offer technical and physical controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to your content. To learn more about our data privacy and security policies, check out our AWS Data Privacy FAQ.

For data back-ups, you can utilize other AWS services (such as S3) to back up your Honeycode data. To integrate AWS services or other services with Honeycode, check out these articles on Honeycode APIs and two-way integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow . You can also duplicate workbooks as a method to back up your workbooks.

To restore a workbook, you can user the Recover feature to restore a previous version of your workbook. Check out this post which shows how to use this feature.

Hope this info helps and thanks again for all your feedback, Simon! Let us know if you think of anything else that would improve your experience in Honeycode. :honey_pot: :honeybee:


Hi everyone. I'm Patrick and I'm in manufacturing here in the U.S. I'm a low/no code citizen developer as a secondary role. My company uses AWS for data storage, and we use Microsoft's PowerPlatform for a lot of tracking/automation tasks. It would be great to have the ability to access our data in AWS servers like Microsoft has with their Azure servers. I'm super intimidated by anything that involves coding (such as building APIs). I'd like for Honeycode to offer more ready-built non-premium (no extra fees required) connectors to data in the way that the PowerPlatform does. I'd also like to have the ability to add in photos/animations like PowerApps does.

I'd specifically like to connect to real-time dynamic data, such as inventories.

So I'm trying to keep an eye on your new developments.


Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing these details, @Patr-1cf8! It greatly helps us to understand this level of information for use cases.

We've definitely seem similar feedback from other builders around accessibility, usability, and image support, which our team has been considering and prioritizing. We have folks in the community who've had a lot of experience building with external integrations--please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help in the interim :hammer_and_wrench: :honeybee:

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What would be nice is also textarea fields in the app.

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Hi @Simon :honeybee:

For the textarea field request, could you further clarify how it would help you in Honeycode? (i.e. an example or use case)

Hi @Alyssa !

Should I really explain the use cases of textarea fields in forms ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I am Joel :slight_smile: I work for Financial Service industry and I am an AWS Community Builder. I started to use Honeycode since its beta release. I really like the capability to build easily a new app (even if few minutes) and to inegrate the app with AWS services (such as S3) using AppFlow or Zappier. I am looking to build applications integrated with data lakes, AI/ML and Alexa. Honeycode is a very powerful solution to create digital Front-Ends.


Hi Alyssa,

Kris from Finndon Bank, using honeycode to build and automate our back office systems.

Would love a session to work out if I have done things in the correct/most efficient way and to help me troubleshoot better myself.

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