Meeting Runner


The Meeting Runner template provides your team a tool to capture important meetings, meeting notes, and action items with real-time collaboration. You or a teammate can create a meeting, invite others to the meeting. All attendees see the meeting in the Honeycode app on their phone or web and can enter meeting notes while the meeting is ongoing. When a meeting is done, the Facilitator can archive it so it does not clutter the view.

Getting started

Click here or select Meeting Runner when starting a new workbook.

App and tables organization

There are three main screens in the app:


The Meetings screen shows you both upcoming and past meetings. This screen has several features:

  1. View basic meeting details with the toggle interface. When you find the correct meeting you can click on Notes, Attendees, or View buttons to navigate to that part of the Details screen. If you are a meeting facilitator the View button will appear as Edit & Archive, to indicate that you can edit that particular meeting.
  2. The Add action shows the current questions being asked and some associated data like how many ideas have been submitted and the current top idea. Users can click on open questions to see the Answer a Question section.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: This screen shows advanced personalization capabilities by giving different capabilities to attendees (i.e. contributors) to a meeting and meeting creators (i.e. facilitators). To start to understand this role based capability start by looking at the difference between the View and the Edit & Archive buttons on this screen (not shown in image above image).


The details screen allows you to view any data about the meeting, and add Notes & action items. If you created the meeting you are automatically a facilitator and get additional capabilities to edit the Details of the meeting and add or remove Attendees. Key features on this screen are:

  1. View or edit meeting details . Any attendee can see the meeting details, and facilitators can additionally edit meeting details and archive the meeting upon completion.
  2. View and edit attendees . Any attendee can view who is invited to the meeting, and facilitators can add other facilitators or contributors. The attendees list, controls who can see the meeting, and who can add or remove other attendees.
  3. Notes and action items . Attendees can add notes and action items.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: On this screen you can see the “inline editing” capability. For example you can add and remove a Note or Attendee right on this screen without having to go to a separate screen. You can learn more about his capability by clicking the Add buttons on the Attendees and Notes & Action Items sections of this screen.


The Statistics screen shows current and past (archived) meetings and notes. You can filter meetings between certain dates and show meetings where you are a facilitator or a contributor only.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: This screen shows how you can run four separate queries based on the same filter settings. To learn more about this, see the queries behind the “Set initial value:” for the data cells in the green segments on this screen.

Happy meeting scheduling and note taking!

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