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Hi is it possible to make Service Level Agreement (SLA) here in honeycode. Like this sample, is it possible?!

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Hi @hjaaa-90e4, thanks for the question. If I am understanding correctly, you can definitely make SLAs similar to what you have shared in your screen shot. Here's a quick example:

  • Table. Notice How I am just doing simple arithmetic to the Created On column. +4 is four days later while +8/24 is eight hours later.
    2021-03-22_13-47-57 (1)

  • Then here is the list displayed in builder:

  • And that's it. Here's the final look in a web browser:

Happy to go into more detail if necessary. Just let us know!

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Hi @aj is it possible to connect the Create Case button here in the SLA Table Created On Column. So when I click the Create Case button it will automatically generate the date and time in SLA Table Created On column?

How did you get the data from the Created On column?

Hi @hjaaa-90e4, you could get very creative with replicating some or all of the functionality in your screen shot with Honeycode. Below I'll share how to auto-generate a date and time for the Created On column in my table.

Now here it is in action, side-by-side view of when a case is created and then added to the underlying table.

Hope this helps provide clarity.

Thank you this is a big help. But why do I get different time, on my clock it is 12:54 while the auto generated is 4:54?

ah @hjaaa-90e4, good catch and sorry about not mentioning this in my previous post. Time in Honeycode is stored in UTC, so when you have apps that display time a conversion may be needed. The good news is we've documented how to do just that. Check out the article and let us know if you have any additional questions. UTC & Time Zone Conversion.