Mobile App Contest

Hey Builders! :smiley: :honey_pot:

Have you created a Honeycode app that you and your team primarily use on mobile?

If so, share below because we’d love to hear about your mobile experience in Honeycode!

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Promotion dates: April 1st - April 31st, 2021. :trophy:

What to share:

  • Show us an app you’ve built specifically for mobile.
  • The purpose of the app and how it has helped your team.
  • Your experience in creating the mobile app in Builder.
  • Your experience of using the mobile app in action.

Need help building? Feel free to ask us questions here.


I guess I'll go first. I give you the humble beta version of POMA - The Project Management Application.

POMA was built to be a small tech team project tasking management application. The main driving force was to develop something simple to use in the AWS ecosystem; most competing products require to use different ecosystems or have none at all.

Even in the current beta stage, POMA allows easy tasking on mobile (there is the default mobile to web -layout, but it's not the nicest and will be worked on post beta). There's the usual things, a commenting feature, and integration between task IDs and CodeCommit/CodePipeline is currently being worked on. That is, the goal is to have a CodeCommit commit message containing [TASKID] to provide changelist/build information to POMA.

Here are some screenshots. First the home screen. Which isn't the default screen since the default screen is always the left most screen in the navigation, and in POMA the home screen makes more sense in the middle.

Next is the personal task screen. The "all tasks" screen is essentially the same, but shows all tasks instead of just the ones assigned to the user.

And last, the task details screen. Based on these three screens, you can probably guess what new task, edit task, and add comment screens look like.

Creating the mobile app in the Builder was rather easy, but not without its quirks. For example, the Builder fails to display that each view has a back button on mobile; no need to implement your own! Also, using the Builder in an unsupported browser (Safari) probably wasn't the smartest move. But hey, it worked.

Using the app on mobile, while in beta, has been flawless.


@codemeddler Nicely done! :star2: :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your POMA app here; it's built very clean and has as clear flow to it. :slight_smile:

Great feedback too on your experience using the app in mobile and the discrepancies you noticed in Builder. I'll take those notes back to the team to help us improve Builder.

We'd be curious to see how you develop this further! (i.e. the integration piece you're working on).
In the meantime, as your team continues to use the app in mobile, let us know if you think of anything else that would improve your experience. :honey_pot:

So cool! Thanks for sharing @codemeddler :smiley: I like the UI, including the font you chose.

I'm curious, is there a reason your focus is on mobile atm? Is it simply for the ease of accessibility for the team?

@codemeddler Thanks for sharing your app in the Mobile App Contest! :iphone: :honeybee:

We've just granted you this badge, so check out your profile. :smiley: :trophy:

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