Mobile Apps dependence on cell reception / cache capability

Hello! My question is around the mobile app functionality when there is no cell or poor cell connectivity? Will the mobile app still function normally and provide the user the ability to complete a task, cache this information in real-time and then upload once cell connection improves or is re-established?

Not currently.

I had built a shopping list app that I had to abandon because the cell reception in the grocery store was so spotty. It would continue to show the last screen you were looking at ok, but tapping on buttons or changing screens didn't work correctly. I think anything that involves an automation, action, or navigation stops working once you lose connection.

AndrewB, thank you for the's truly appreciated! My hope was the mobile app would function in an 'offline mode' without any disruption to a task workflow. We have numerous end users who operate in areas with poor or zero cell reception. Unfortunately, if the app fails to function offline for these individuals it would only add unnecessary frustration to their daily tasks. Rats! :frowning:

Hi @Carl-fa24, welcome to the community! Sorry to hear that Honeycode doesn't fully meet your needs right now. I'm curious to learn about your use case and why offline mode. How were you hoping to use Honeycode?

Hello Nina, we have field personnel operating and traveling in remote areas throughout the course of their day. These individuals will make stops during the course of their shift and the hope was they could update Honeycode with specific stop details. However, these stops are in poor or zero cell reception areas. I hope this provides some clarification to our case.


Thanks @Carl-fa24. Definitely helpful. And are these remote areas in the US or beyond?

All here in the US

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Super, thanks @Carl-fa24!

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