Mobile improvement requests

Okay, thanks for asking @Alyssa ,

The mobile experience has been good. So far the boys are loving the ease of modifications when they request for a few feature and it's done in minutes/hours. Also they're experiencing some downsides. Let me list it out.

  1. Apple iOS - Unable to enter a -ve (negative figure) due to the fact that the Apple on-screen numpad does not show "-", therefore they will not be able to enter in a negative figure, e.g. -2.52 or -39.44. This happens when I have a textbox which requires only numbers.

PS: I wonder if it's possible to have Numbers.2 and still enter (2.00) around the number to negate; Just like in Currency. Currently we put 99/999 so i have to post-edit. Hassle but not debilitating

Works fine on Android. i have the full keyboard in view, which allows me to enter a "-"

  1. Apple iOS - Font size causes numbers in a textbox (same textbox) to show the last zero instead of the entire number (Because keying in 200 results in the textbox validating it to 200.00. in the end only "0" shows. IF we backspace and delete one number to 200.0, we will be able to see the value.). Now, I reckon this is all on Apple's end, however if there's sorta like a Font Sizing mechanism (slider bar). or even just a visual setting somehow..... it would work a treat!

PS: I'll check with the boys to see if they can adjust their screen font size. Font size works. Screenshot added. Please disregard.

  1. Honeycode app load time - There's a bit of a delay/lag when changing pages within or responding to text input changes. Unsure if it's the phone. It performs similarly across the various devices within the team. Leading me to kinda believe it might be a fetch-to-render thing. It starts all the way from the beginning when i start the Honeycode app.

a) Apps list (all)
b) Loading up the selected application
c) Changing between pages
d) Saving values (Sometimes it doesn't save, i'll start point 4)

  1. Saving values sometimes doesn't actually save.

This was reported by my guy whom's a young guy and clicks really fast on the mobile. The delay/lag sorta feels like Sharepoint Online in the latest modern mode, in properties sidebar. We've gotta fill out the shared value (Edit screen with no save button) in the textbox, click elsewhere and wait (that's what i do) OR immediately click back (that's what my boy does and that's when it doesn't save). Takes an old guy to be slow to allow the processing to happen. That's what it feels like. Kinda like Sharepoint Online.... wait wait wait... super slow jquery update kinda.

It doesn't bug me cause i'm used to such clunky responses.... ASP.NET..... lol.......

Alright, that's all for now. hope that helped!

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Would be nice if you had devised a way to consume the Excel price lists imported into your Honeycode tables. That way you'll be able to work exclusively off Honeycode.

Hi @karbonphyber :honeybee:

Thanks for your feedback on the mobile experience; this is all helpful for us to have!

I’m letting our team know about the challenges your team bumped into, so we can see what we can do to improve and fix what you've highlighted. I'll let you know if we need any further information from you on these items.

For your second note on Excel prices lists imported into Honeycode, can you further elaborate on this? Let us know what you're blocked with / not able to do in Honeycode, and what would be helpful to see instead.


oh that! LOL i think that was for the customer in the other thread who was straddling between Excel sheets (for his IT sales) and Honeycode.

It was about him having to consume price lists

this - Productivity App Contest! - #21 by Ayhan

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Hi @karbonphyber,

Oh, got it! Thanks for that clarity, since this was split off from that thread. Just was double-checking that you didn't have an additional feature request. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Though i'm not sure if it's something that can be done due to ahem Apple. :stuck_out_tongue:


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