Module 3, Mission 2: Making the App You Want

Sounding picky here, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something...

The task: In the Summary_Who table, add columns to show the number of treat finds this month and the sum total of the number of treats.

Recommended solution (in tutorial), is in two steps: 1) Filter for last 31 days, then 2) Filter for current month?

=FILTER(TreatActivity,"TreatActivity[Who]=% AND TreatActivity[Date]>=% AND MONTH(TreatActivity[Date])=%",[Who],TODAY()-31,MONTH(TODAY()))

Why the filter for last 31 days? It seems like the task is asking for:

=FILTER(TreatActivity,"TreatActivity[Who]=% AND MONTH(TreatActivity[Date])=%",[Who],MONTH(TODAY()))

What am I missing?

Hi @Edwa-a0eb welcome to the community! :wave: I love hearing that you are processing through the learning material and asking questions like these to yourself as well as the community, so thanks for posting this questions :slight_smile: . Our community is here to help you as you learn and build.

With the additional filter for the last 31 days, think of that as a safe guard to avoid including dates that match the month we are in but is data from last year. If you have a large data set and the treat tracker program is a long standing program that has been ongoing for the last couple years, then the filter for the last 31 days will make sure dates like 12/15/19 are NOT included for 'This Months Finds'.

Hope this helps as you learn! Feel free to continue to post any other questions you may have.

Happy Building :hammer_and_wrench:

Good point, Matt.

Of course, the YEAR function would also work, but that it essentially the same amount of effort.

Got it...thanks.

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