Multiline text box

Hi All,
I am new to Honeycode . is there multiline textbox available ? and validation like required field etc.


Hi @Jayd-c974 for validation you can utilize conditional visibility so that your 'submit' button only shows when all required fields have an input. In addition, you can use conditional visibility to highlight which required fields are missing if your user still tries to submit. This post may be helpful.

For multiline textbox, users can create a new line of text in one of your fields by pressing Shift+Enter on their keyboard. For example I have a form that has a 'Notes' section. My users can either input notes like:

"Note 1 user did x, then y, then z. This led to abc."

Or they can press Shift+Enter to create spacing in the notes so it can show something like this:

"Note 1 user did x, then y, then z
This led to abc."

Hope that helps!


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