Multiple formats in a single table column

Can someone help me understand why I can't have multiple formats in a single column and how I should structure my table to take this into account? I'm making a simple mortgage payment calculator and want currency and % in the same column how should I construct that?

Hi @Davi-c3a0 thanks for your suggestion and welcome to the forum! We currently don't allow multiple formats in a single column in the table view (barring clever workarounds). This is because if one uses the table as a source of a list in an app, the column will be represented usually by a single data cell and it cannot have multiple formats. You can apply multiple cell formats to cells outside a table in the sheet view.

If you're interested more in this topic, please check out Formats: Dates, Numbers, Contacts & More.

On your question on how to construct a currency and %, I would consider putting them each in their own columns.