My solutions disappeared

All my workbooks just disappeared! I was looking to address the problem as discussed here
I am hoping that this is because someone on the Honeycode team is rebuilding my directory to address my original problem discussed in the post above. Help!

BTW, the last thing that I did before all my apps disappeared is to share one with my other account. Interestingly, the other account can still see the shared app even though I can't see it in the originating account.

OK, I see now. The dashboard reshuffles everything by date and my solutions were hidden in a hierarchy "DennisK's" team at the bottom, below the other teams that I am on. I must've overlooked my team grouping in my panic. I am pretty sure that I did not have a filter turned on deselecting my team.

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Hi @DennisK, happy to hear you were able to locate your workbooks! :honeybee: :slightly_smiling_face:

Honeycode now has a Dashboard, and workbooks that do not have any apps yet will be available in the Workbooks tab in the left-hand panel. You can learn more here:

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