Native mobile Apps

Hi guys,

I am wondering if it is planned to also enable native mobile app development (e.g. PhoneGap)?



Hi @Tobi-f596, thanks for commenting! Could we understand a little more about what you'd like to do with native mobile app development?


Tobi means (if I may be so bold as I am seeking the same answer to this): Is there a way to use Honeycode to produce not just web apps, but output to native mobile phone apps like for iOS and Android?


Hi, @Taylor
exactly what @Nicholas wrote :grinning:

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Thanks @policynepal

My question is, if there is a solution (or if it is planned) to create apps as apk or ipa (or even PWA) maybe with a JS framework like react.


Actually, I'm looking for something that I can deploy this as standalone app whether in iOS or Android store. Is it possible?

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I agree with the other comments. Forgive me if its taboo to mention, but AppSheet has the functionality to deploy the apps built there to native apps so that you get an APK for android or a build for iOS that can be submitted to the respective play/app store.

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Thank you all for commenting on this thread. What you are asking for is a fantastic idea IMHO, I'd love it myself. I've passed your feature request to our team for consideration. At this time we do not have a timeline but please watch the announcements space on this forum for any news.


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