Navigate Action Automation Issues

Hello, on our app, many of our users are experiencing this issue:

When a button has a "Navigate to new screen" action, the action doesn't happen. Normally, there are about 2-3 other actions on the button. Those complete, but only the Navigate action does not happen.

They are able to get around it by refreshing the browser and clicking the button again, but it does lead to the other actions being performed twice.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue or know how to work around it?

Hi @Max :honeybee:

Thanks for letting us know what your team is seeing; are you experiencing this with only a particular app or different apps?

Also, can you submit this to us in an issue report so our team can take a look at the logs? (Reproduce the issue, then immediately after seeing it, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue").

Thanks Alyssa, I am experiencing this in all apps. I will submit a report.