Navigate to new screen and filter table on that screen?

I want to allow a user to click a button on one screen Projects take them to another screen Review, and filter the table on Review based on which project the user was viewing on the Projects page.

I have an automation that takes =THISROW() as a variable and applies it to the filter on the Review page, however that does not filter the table.

Any advice?

Can you share some screenshots? What you want is possible.

Hey Andrew,


So I'm starting here

And when the user clicks "Review Records".

I would like them to navigate to this screen

And filter the rows available on that table by the Project UUID of the project the user was viewing on the original screen (in the same way that it's currently filtered based on SYSUSER)

I tried playing around with the automation in Screenshot 2 to set the current value of project_uuid ($[column data project_uuid]) as a variable and pass that to the next page but it didn't work

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In your 2nd screenshot, click on the +Set variable, and choose the variable that represents the "analyst" dropdown in your third screenshot.

In the "take data from" field, enter a reference to the data cell that got crossed out in the 1st screenshot. I'm guessing it would be something like =$[owner] or =$[datacell2]

hi @Jord-4403, I'm assuming the Review screen is intended to allow search by Project UUID And/Or Analyst. If that's the case it seems like on "Review" screen your filter should have two fields, one for the Project UUID and one for the Contact/Analyst. If that functions on Review screen, then you can send the ProjectUUID when you go from screen 1 to 2.

In other words you have to pass a Project UUID to filter for that project. You cannot see only the Project UUID on the previous screen if you did not pass the Project UUID. The second screen has no way of knowing which of the Contact/Analysts' projects to show.

You should not need an automation on screen 2 (Review) to make this work.

Let me know if I understood this correctly, or if this helps.

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