Navigation to new screen in new experience

How to do screen navigation and add buttons to the new experience?

Hi @Band-e3b6,

Thanks for your questions!

Working in the editor view, screen navigation is setup in the right-hand App Settings panel. After adding and setting up your app screens, you’ll work in the right-hand App Settings panel to add screen navigation. To toggle the panel from screen-centric properties to app settings, click into the grey area outside the app screen.

This is the area where you can update the app name and theme, plus change the screen navigation.

Buttons can currently only be added to the app detail screens. With the detail screen in the center pane, click Insert + in the top bar, and select Button.

Click the button to use the properties panel to configure it by clicking the stacked ellipses to the right. This menu allows you to name the button, hide or show based on conditions, and set up the action(s) the app will complete when clicked.

I trust this will help. We're super interested to hear your thoughts about the new experience. Feel free to drop a note to us!

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