Need Help with column formats and view permissions


I'm building team task tracker and on my homescreen I want to have a list with restricted view, engineers can see only their own tasks but managers can see all tasks. Here I will post screenshots of my tables and filters, please don't suggest How to Personalize App Views because I stuck there.

please don't suggest How to Personalize App Views because I stuck there.

The "Personalize" feature won't work for this table because your 'Assign' column isn't formatted as Contacts, it's formatted as rowlinks.

So, you can either update your tables so that it uses contacts, or we can do it this slightly more complicated way in the app screen:

0. Confirm that everything in the [name] column of your teams table are actually contacts, and not just text. Otherwise the rest of this won't work.

  1. Create 2 lists
  2. In the first list, set the source to a filter expression that only returns rows who's assign value matches up with sys_user. Something like:
    =filter(tasks, "tasks[assign][name]=%", $[sys_user])
    This should only return rows that YOU are assigned to. For testing, make sure at least one of these is assigned to you to confirm that it works.
  3. Set the visibility of this first list to a formula that checks your group in that users table. Something like:
    =if(findrow(team, "team[name]=%", $[sys_user])[group]="engineer", true, false)
    This expression should go the team table and look to see if YOU are in there, and if you are, checks to see if your group is engineer. If so, it returns true, and you can see this "My Tasks" list. So, engineers will see this first list, managers won't.
  4. For your 2nd list, source it to the =tasks table, and then set visibility to the manager group. Something like:
    =if(findrow(team, "team[name]=%", $[sys_user])[group]="manager", true, false)
    If I did that right, engineers see the "my tasks" list, and the managers will see the "all tasks" list.

Hope that helps to get you unstuck!

Perfect, thanks a lot, but now I'm facing with another problem. When I add a task manually in tasks table and manually choose assignee it shows in the list on the app, but when I try to add it from the app it didn't show and as I can see in tasks table all tasks added from the app aren't shown assignee as link with blue color, but instead they are like plain text with black color. Please help, screenshots below

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Ok I figure it out, somehow it works just for managers (new tasks appear only in list where all tasks are visiable ). But now when I add task from engineer account from the app it didn't shows in list for engineers where they can see just their own tasks :thinking:

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