Need help with FINDROW formula

I'm not even sure if FINDROW is the formula I need for this, but I can't seem to get it to work. Here is the background...
I have this table.

And this table.

What I'm trying to do is put the hours assigned from the B_plans table into the "Hours in Plan" column in the A_customers table. So that the first line should return a value of 20.
This was my first attempt...
=FINDROW(B_Plans,B_Plans[Plan Type]=A_Customers[Plan Subscribed])[Hours Assigned]

Thanks in advance! You all are awesome!

Try this:

=findrow(b_plans, "b_plans[plan type]=%", A_Customers[Plan Subscribed])[Hours Assigned]

  1. The second argument in findrow (or filter) needs to be in double quotation marks.
  2. Use the wildcard symbol (%) in the 2nd argument, and then define what the % means in the 3rd argument.

Hmm. Still getting an error...
I even typed it in manually to use the autocomplete to see if it was a simple spelling error

Try this...

=findrow(b_plans, "b_plans[plan type]=%", A_Customers[Plan Subscribed][xxxxxxxxx])[Hours Assigned]

But replace the xxx with the name of the first column of the table that your Plan Subscribed column links to.

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WootWoot! That worked!
=findrow(b_plans, "b_plans[plan type]=%", A_Customers[Plan Subscribed][Plan Type])[Hours Assigned]

Thanks AndrewB. You are a master!

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