Need help with the Automation of the Submit Button

Having trouble with the Automation of the Submit Button.

  1. First part is ok- Adding Row to Incidents table
  2. Adding data to historical table is ok
  3. Problem is with syntax where I'm adding Incident_Id and Body_Part to a Many to Many Join table

Hey @MJ, what you could do here is use the FINDLASTROW function. Since you are adding a new row to the Incidents table in your first automation action, you can reference a field from that row in subsequent actions. So for example, you might be able to use this: =FINDLASTROW(Incidents,"Incidents[Employee_ID]=%",$[EmployeeID])

The $[EmployeeID] is simply the variable I have on my screen that the app user would provide. As an alternative you could use an incident ID if you are generating that in the first automation action as well.

@aj I am using Incident_Id (Set up an auto-increment for that) but the user doesn't see that or enter that. So my next question is I was successful using your reccomendation of FINDLASTROW to add the body_part to the "Join Table" (Incident_Bodypart) but I'm not being successful with getting the Incident_Id to populate for the Body_Part ... Is that on the same Automation Step or no ?


Try this:

@aj - blue hollow dot ?

@aj nvm ... table names/fields confusing...misspelled. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@MJ, no problem. Glad you got it sorted out. Let us know if you run into anything else.

@aj Unfortunately, it still did not work. Its not writing the Incident_Id to the "join table"

What should the format be on the 2 columns on the join table?
It has 2 Columns : Incident_Id and Body_Part
Body_Part isn't working correctly either. It does end up with a Body_Part but I would expect that I would gain a row for every Body_part that was checked on the incident form.

On the Incident Form (Submit Button) I currently am not forcing anything into the Incidents table as far as Body_Part - fyi

@aj I started over on the automation. now my result is:

Which is better but not correct. The actual Body_Part should show in the column instead of whether the box was checked. In this case I checked both $Head and $Nose ..closer...

Hey @MJ, yes closer! Just try typing in the name of the body part like this. No = sign or variable needed:

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We've got a winner! Thank you! - Now I can do the other 40 automations :slight_smile:

I'll be sure and start another thread on my next one.


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