Network connectivity error

Hello! Since last week we have been getting this error very frequently. Many of our users are getting this even if they are on different networks / working from home.

Is anyone else having this issue? I have reported it in Honeycode but haven't heard back.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 10.09.33 AM


Thanks for reporting, @Max. Sorry to hear your team is getting this error. To better assist you, could you please report from within Honeycode: My Drive > "?" icon >> Report and issue.

This will allow our team to safely and securely get your information to investigate the error :hammer_and_wrench:

Question for you: are all of your team members on the same network / VPN? It would be good to have them submit reports from within Honeycode as well.

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Hi Taylor, I have submitted it is an issue and other team members have as well. Some of our team members are on the same network, but others are not. Also, none are on VPNs.


Hi @Max :honeybee:

Thanks for submitting the issue report; I'm confirming here that our team received it and is looking into the issue.

Also, can you confirm with us if you're only seeing the error and are able to continue working in Honeycode, or if you are blocked / unable to connect and work in Honeycode?

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Hi @Alyssa, glad you received it! Yes I am able to continue working in Honeycode, however, it does get pretty frustrating because I have to do a screen refresh in order for it to work properly (updating screens / navigating to the next screen mainly).

Any help is greatly appreciated! My entire team keeps hounding me on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Just seconding this issue as it is causing delays for our company. Getting "network connectivity error" many times and our internet speed is very high. This happens at multiple locations. Can you help with this error message? thank you for any quick response :slight_smile: !

@Taylor @Alyssa

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Hi @kyle-signature, thanks for letting us know. The team will be in touch shortly :slight_smile:

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Hi @Taylor We have not heard back. Can we get some assistance? Thanks!

Hi @Kyle, the team reached out to you directly yesterday at 10:30 AM PT (subject line 'Network connectivity error'). You should see it from the previous contact address.

I understand that the Honeycode team is already looking into this issue, but I would like to add on that this has also been significantly affecting the dev loop of my team. The issue seems to be present in both the Builder and the Table Editor, and we are reporting the issue each time it happens.


Hi @Eric, did that issue go away when you made the changes to your tables (as per our discussion in another thread)? We were facing that issue too when our app was experiencing the same slowness.

However, this issue is different, where Honeycode keeps telling us there was a network change. At first I thought it was our internet, but people working remotely kept getting this error too and it's hard to believe there is a problem with connections everywhere.

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Hi @Max,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you are experiencing due to the error/info messages. Please rest assured that we are listening to your feedback and our engineering team is looking into it. We are in the process of updating our messaging experience.


Nope - the network problems were happening seemingly independently from any changes I've made.

The network issues seem to have mostly disappeared since (around 24 hours after my post on this thread).


Hi @Eric :honey_pot:

Thanks for confirming that the network issues have mostly cleared for you; Keep us posted with your experience, and let us know if anything else comes up for our team to address.