New Experience Default Inventory Manager Categories

I've created a default Inventory Management App through the New Experience. I've tried editing and changing the default categories and can not get it to reflect on the Devices screen. It's still the default of Tablet & E-Reader, Echo, Device Accessory.

I found in the documentation that
With the fields determined, use the Appearance section to set:

  • Style - Enhanced, Standard, or Compact
  • Group by - Adds navigation tabs to the screen

There is no Group By available under appearance.


Hi @JonM-bf4e,

Thank you so much for your question and welcome to the community!

You can change the default categories by changing the category names in the Device table.

  1. Click into the main component of the Device screen. The light blue border indicates the component is selected. Navigate to the properties panel and expand the Data section. Then open the table called Device .

  2. Click on the category icon within the Category column. Select Edit options from the dropdown menu.

    Here you can add categories or change the existing category names.

  3. In order to save the changes made in the table, you need to return to the Device screen. Go back into the properties panel and select the Appearance section. Under Group By, select Ungroup and then select Category again. This will refresh the screen and reflect the changes made in the table.

The last step appears to be a bug, so I have passed along that information to my team for future development.

We really appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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