New Release - October 2020

Hi Honeycoders,

Earlier this week, you might’ve seen a sneak preview of our latest release, and today we’re excited to announce that it’s now live! Below are the key highlights included in our update, and click HERE to view the full details.

Corner & border styling tools: You can now add sleek, rounded corners to buttons, content boxes, blocks, and segments. With the click of a button, create colorful borders that not only look good, but can make your app content easier for your users to find and navigate.

Biometric sign-in: Sign in to Amazon Honeycode mobile quickly and securely using biometric authorization. Touch ID and Face ID are fully supported for iOS devices. For the initial release, face and fingerprint authentication are only supported on Android devices made by Google and Samsung.

More ways to share: Whether you’re previewing your app on desktop or taking it for a spin, you can now share it directly from your web app. From your desktop, click on the new ‘Share app’ button in the right-hand corner of your app to invite team members.

Applied formats for stronger data models: Too often a mismatch in data formats can lead to errors. Now, whenever you select a format, Honeycode will automatically apply it to the entire column to ensure the integrity of your data. If there’s a mismatch between formats or a formula conflict in a cell, Honeycode will also flag these to make it easier to find and correct formatting issues.

To view the release notes in detail, view Release Notes - October 5.

We hope you enjoy our latest updates to Honeycode. Be sure to let us know what you think of them and how we can improve!

Honeycode Team