New Year, New Builders!

Hi Honeycoders!

We hope you had a nice holiday season! We wanted to kick off the new year with a space to say hello :wave:

Are you new to Honeycode?
Or are you hoping to learn something in particular in Honeycode?

Let us know below in this thread, as we’d love to hear from you! Tell us a bit about your background and how we can help along your builder journey.

Also, if you’re not new to Honeycode, feel free to drop an intro as well :smiley: :honeybee:


Hi Alyssa, I'm a citizen developer at my company and became a Honeycoder last year. I have one app that I use on a weekly basis to keep track of projects. I regularly use other app development software, but I'm doing my best to keep track of what is going on with Honeycode. I'd really like to be able to connect with dynamic data that I update on an AWS server, but I don't understand how to access that data (via a custom API). Other software that I use includes "connectors" that I'm able to use to easily connect to data. Is there a plan to integrate selectable data "connectors" into Honeycode? Also, what about photos? Everyone wants photos in their apps these days... :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Patr-1cf8,

Nice to meet you! :wave:

Also, it's great to hear that Honeycode has been able to help you track your projects :slight_smile:

For your question, Honeycode supports two-way integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, which allow you to connect your data with many different services. Here's a resource with more info on how to set this up: Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow

Honeycode APIs can achieve this as well. If you'd like to learn more about how the APIs work, check out this article: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs

In regards to photos, I'll echo that yes, many other users would like to see this too. Image support has been a popular request for Honeycode, and our team has been exploring this along with other requests to add more visual components to the product.

Hope those resources help, and let us know if you need any assistance with integrations or building :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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Hi - I am new to Honeycode but have extensive experience with another low code application development platform. I am really struggling with Honeycode. I the other platform that I was using I could create an app screen by just selecting the field I wanted to put on the screen from a list of fields that were accessible. If understand Honeycode I have to create a "doppleganger" field on the app screen and then bind that field to the actual data field. If I want the same field to appear on another app screen I have to repeat the process - I can't just pick the field direct from a list of fields that are available. Am I correct in this assumption? I am finding building apps to be very confusing, and, the visual tool builder is kind of squirrely and jumps around a lot. Any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Kenn-95a0,

Thanks for the intro, and welcome to the community! :wave:

We appreciate you sharing what you're experiencing too. I have some tips that may help:

I'll first highlight that Honeycode has an app wizard, which may be helpful with setting up screens for you. These simplify the process of creating screens, and are also great to deconstruct to help you better understand how to create your own from scratch.

If you create a screen from scratch, keep in mind that the app you create connects data that is in the tables of your workbook. In Builder, a way to see what data is available in the tables is to click on the panel on the bottom to expand a Data view. If you click on a value in a table, it will add it to the field on the screen:

Another way is to create a new content box, enter "=", and start typing a table or column name. This will show a drop down of tables and columns you can point to.

If you already have an input row in the screen, you would use the format of =TableName[ColumnName]

Finally, I'll note that if you set up a cell that is already pointing to a particular value (say with FINDROW()), you can copy and paste that field to another screen and it will point to the same value.

Hope this info helps! :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

Hi! Been here for a short while.

Using honeycode for my little side hustle for customers/appointments/accounting. Posted a topic on WeekOfYear function. Hopefully it works so I can do some batching.

Other than that, i used to write web/apps in C#/ASP.NET and some other languages (non-microsoft).

Looking to use this and i'm just not sure if i'll build it completely here and just translate it into a webapp on beanstalk or something. Honeycode is way too powerful for me to go the other way at the moment.

I've been able to produce an app in a single day. The rest is just really mucking about and optimizing the UI or even relocating screens to rejigging functionality after finding out things don't really work out operationally. Takes all but seconds for me to make a change a colleague suggested. What a ripper!


Hi @karbonphyber,

Welcome, and nice meeting you here! :smiley:

That's awesome that you're able to build and modify Honeycode apps quickly and easily :honey_pot:

Thanks too for sharing a bit about your app-building background and what languages you're familiar with.

Regarding your ask, you can build and share apps entirely in Honeycode (no need to move or translate elsewhere). Let us know though if you're looking for a function or ability elsewhere that you would like to see in Honeycode, as we're always open to improvement requests.

For your topic you posted, we'll have a look and help you out soon :honeybee:

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Yes, i have the app shared with 3 of my colleagues, each using a different part of the application to discharge their duties

It was really amazing to have mathematical functions like in Excel. Really helped me to get the values i needed from my complex Excel sheet that does basic suspension geometry calculations

Thank you Alyssa!

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Wish all the builders a Happy Year and hope some great applications and builders creations will make an awesome year.

Hope to speak to you soon,


Hello! I have been working in Honeycode for about a month or so now. I am getting ready to launch our first project with it. Use case is to combine the data from a number of our systems into one "inventory" system. There are three apps tied to one workbook and the use case is to have anywhere from 30 to 100 people using it within the next few weeks. I have been really impressed with the product so far.


Nice to meet you @Menno and @Luke-0804! Do let us know if there's anything we can do to help as you're building in Honeycode. It's great to hear you're both busy bees, and we're excited for updates on your apps.

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How do you combine it into this one inventory system?

This is @Luke-0804. The SSO is finally integrated and I can post with my actual account.

It was more process changes more than anything. We had a number of systems that we were updating by hand in databases directly or in Confluence, which means that we couldn't get to the data programmatically. I just moved the data into HoneyCode and that is now the single source of truth. For other systems, I created another app with very specific and simple screens for certain engineering groups in the company so that they can use the API to update very specific fields and retrieve the data they need.


Hi Alyssa! I'm new to Honeycode with a couple of questions.

I've on a path to build a subscription app and wonder if I could use Honeycode for it. The app provides a method for users to look up products (about 100,000 items), to take and store notes about them and to set reminders about how they'll use them. Have previously partnered with others to code the concept (on AWS - product DB, Customer DB, APIs, etc.) and after some dishonest dealings would like to find a no-code solution so that I can control the iterative process myself as users find and use my webapp. I investigated Webflow to learn whether it would have enough functionality for me...but it doesn't. I have AWS databases (product and customer) and other resources established and ready to go, am just trying to figure out a no-code method to help me take this on myself. Also looked at a no-code "school" but quickly realized that was not going to work out, as I'm well past the basics they are teaching.

A little about me: I have UX/UI and put my project on hold this past year - now back to trying to figure out possible paths forward. I know just enough about development to be dangerous, but am no coder. I realize that the endeavor for building and marketing is too time consuming to be effectively tackled solo, but hope to get an MVP out in 2021 and will take on a tech partner once I've proven the concept. My product was accepted into a Washington Technology Accelerator cohort (WTIA) a year ago, just as a co-founder relationship blew up (in a bait and switch,, he attempted to force me to give him 50% of the company up front).

Here are trial websites and amlia(dot)com

My questions:

  1. Are there page limitations with Honeycode? (each of the 100,000 product should have its own page for SEO purposes)
  2. Need to understand integration with database and calendar services. I assume that linking fields to a product and customer database is straightforward, but enabling the ability for users to link to their own calendar and get in-app reminders may be more tricky.

I've investigated a couple of other no-code solutions and so far neither had enough functionality to make it possible to get started. Can you connect me with someone who can help me figure out whether Honeycode might be the building tool for me?

Anyone else here have thoughts?

Thanks, Catherine

Hi @Catherine-Amlia,

Have you considered WEM and/or Mendix? I've gone through their vendor presentations and demonstrations. The capabilities are higher than what we get in Honeycode as they are commercial and well, fully featured whilst Honeycode is in community development.

  1. When you mean page limitations, you're referring to creating a page for each product? I can't imagine the need to create more than 2 screens, where one page is a MASTER LIST and the other is a ITEM DETAIL which then is where you'll place the fields to display the SEO information. Did I understand you right there?

  2. There is a FREE limit on the number of rows per Workbook; Which is 2,500 rows. Afterwhich, it's chargeable. Might be a consideration.

  3. SEO, as SEO being SEO, I'm imaging you'll need a login for users to log in AND have the data indexable by robots on the internet. Those two, i don't believe is in the product features now. Meaning, Honeycode is for your TEAMs usage AND the information is not indexable by robots.

  4. No answers for this, however I have read posts about Zapier and XXX integration to talk to the outside world.

From 123 alone, i don't see Honeycode being your platform to use. However, @Alyssa, @aj and @LoriA may advise otherwise. I'm pretty new to honeycode but have built my full featured application which I use in Production now.

The single source of truth is the best spot to be in!

How did you ensure that each user could only see specific screens or functionality? I am looking to do that but have not found it

Hi @Catherine-Amlia, welcome and thanks for the intro! :smiley: :honeybee:

We appreciate you sharing what brought you to Honeycode and previous challenges you bumped into. Your general interest in low-code and overall background may make Honeycode a great solution for you. We aim to make the app-building experience easy and quick for users with even just basic understandings of app-development (your experience is beyond that).

For your questions:

  1. The data limitations within Honeycode are around rows per workbook (refer to the Pricing & Billing FAQs to see different plans). I'll echo @karbonphyber, in that displaying what you're asking for could be achieved potentially with just a couple of screens. For example, you could have a screen that displays a list, and uses features such as Filter or Sort to display data of only a particular product (or any other filtered criteria). SEO makes this a broader topic, but we'd be interested to learn more about your requirements around this.

  2. For integrations, you can connect Honeycode to different services using Zapier or AppFlow, which you can learn more about here: Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow. If you have a database service (such as S3) or calendar service, that article can get you started with how to connect them to Honeycode.

For your last ask, absolutely :slight_smile: I've touched base with our team to reach out to you regarding your requirements. You'll be hearing from us soon!

Hi :slight_smile: I am passionate about Honeycode, Alexa Kill dev and AWS services. I have started my Honeycode learning journey few months ago and I have built applications that enable to link Honeycode and Alexa Skill. I have built a first application that enable to create / update DIY tips for an Alexa Skill that provides DIY tips recommendations. But more to come!!! I am convinced that Honeycode can link User Interface with Voice User Interface.


Great to see you here, @Joel-1ada! :wave:

Thanks for sharing about your app on this post too; impressive Alexa and S3 integration with Honeycode! :star2:

Love hearing how your kids are able to use it as well. It would be fun to hear about their impressions of the experience! :slight_smile: