NFC Tools and Honeycode Integration

Hi! I'm new here and I don't any experience with coding.
I would like to know how can I read an NFC Tag on a smartphone and send an information to my honeycode app using nfc tools.
I know that we can send some information trough URL, but I dont know how.
Could you help me?

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Hello @Darl-dd17 welcome to you in our wonderful community, what exactly do you want to do? Open your Honeycode application from the NFC tag or another task?

I'm using a translator sorry if my post contains grammatical errors

Hello @Stph-1188 ! Here is the scenario. I want to register the time in and time out of my employees. My idea is to use a nfc tag attached to the employee ID. Then a smartphone with nfc tools would read it and send the information ( employee ID) to my honeycode app.
I have already achieved that creating an app on MIT inventor and using Google app script get and post function. See the example attached. Thank you for helping me.

Hello @Darl-dd17 I am looking at this today and I will get back to you, I live in Belgium so take into account the time difference it is 10 am here.
I look at that and I come back to you very quickly.
Note that my message is translated, please excuse me if it contains grammatical errors

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Ok! Thanks @Stph-1188! I will continue my search on this matter too.

Hi @Darl-dd17, welcome to the community! Today do not support NFC tags natively but I'd suggest checking out our integration with Zapier, as there may be a creative way to tackling your use case of registering employee time in and outs.

But I'm definitely curious to see what @Stph-1188 might find as well. Thanks @Stph-1188!


Hello @Darl-dd17 and @aj, despite my research I don't see how to integrate NFC codes into honeycode other than an external app that would be compatible with :honeybee: I'll follow @aj's trail and see what can be made with Zapier

Note that my post is translated, please excuse me if it contains grammatical errors

Here is what I could find, I unfortunately can not do the test because I do not have an NFC tag or tag to try, do it on your side and tell me what happens :slight_smile:
You can add information via Zapier and obviously they take care of the NFC information and even offer you to buy NFC patches, you just have to enter the information you want to add (there too no need for coding), and it will integrate with :honeybee:

I'm using a translator sorry if my post contains grammatical errors

@Stph-1188 Thanks for this solution. Unfortunately it's not working. Zapier uses another app to receive information trough nfc tags called Tap NFC management and this app is not working. I couldnt even create an account on this. Anyway I didnt want to use ZAP because I cant afford to pay for this simple application. It's better for me to continue doing this manually.
I aprecciate your effort!. Thanks!

Sorry @Darl-dd17 I don't think this is possible via Honeycode directly but it would need confirmation from the specialists

Hi @Stph-1188,

Thank you for your post. In any case, I am sure others in the community will find this post useful.

Honeycode does not natively support NFC tags, as @aj and @Stph-1188 pointed out earlier. There's definitely value in having it supported, so I've added it as a feature request and shared it with our Product team.

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