Notification Automation Duplicating Emails

As of yesterday it seems that my automations that have Notify action included have been duplicating the email several times. Honeycode team can yo help with this?

Hi @JRL, welcome to the community! Happy to help :smiley: :honeybee:

We'd recommend checking the Run History of your workbook automations, as this may provide more info on what is triggering the notification automations. Check out this link for more info on run history and debugging automations: Debugging Automations

If you have multiple triggers of the same notification, the run history can help you see what components in your app or workbook you may need to modify.

Hope this helps! Let us know if we can assist any further. :honey_pot:

Thank you Alyssa. I have checked the run history as suggested and it gives information that the same notification was successful 4 times. I have not made any updates to this automations and previously to now it has been triggered and run successfully once as needed. Any other thoughts?

Hi @JRL :honeybee:

Got it, sounds like it working as expected now (thank you for letting us know :slightly_smiling_face:). Without seeing how the automation set up, it's tough to say what may have caused the multiple triggers (perhaps a button was clicked multiple times, or if it's an integration, an external service may have sent several requests).

If it occurs again, please feel free to submit an issue report to us and we can take a look at the logs. (to do so, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue" right after it occurs)