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I've added an automation that fires when I insert a row of data. It sends an email notification to user with link to main application (list), but is there a way to send the user to those direct details within an application? Something like ""

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@Quan-dec9 the notify automation should trigger a notification within the Honeycode app in addition to sending the email. And it's possible to include any data from the tables in the body of those notifications/emails, but it's not terribly obvious how. As you type the message out, just hit "=" and you can start writing formulas to fetch data.


Thanks, I'll give it a spin.

I'm trying to include information about an update in my notification alert, but instead of including the information that was changed it is instead including information from the first row of the table I'm referencing.

Any thoughts on how I can ensure that only information about the row that triggered the notification will be included in my messaging?

@Pete That would depend on your automation trigger. However, you can always query for a specific row when entering formulas in the email.

So instead of


You could write out something like:


The findlastrow() function will take the ambiguity out of which row you're referencing.

Hmm, so I'm trying to use the 'Column Changes' Automation trigger.

My app-users can update a record. When this record is changed, I'm trying to send off useful notifications to users who are "Following" this record information.

I have a table setup that keeps track of all of the records and then another table for the followers. What is a little challenging is that my Follower table is setup to allow someone to watch multiple records at once. It looks something like this:

    KEY                     RECORDS                FOLLOWER

  MATCH A                FILTER-MATCH A            SYS_USER

My automation is watching for changes being made to my record table for a specific column, it then confirms if the row that was changed matches the key, if it does then it sends the notification alert.

For some reason with this setup, I can't seem to isolate the information of the row that's triggering the automation.

Ah! Ok. This is going to get tricky.

  1. Create a blank table, name it something like 'values'.
  2. First step in automation is to add an overwrite, with take data from: =thisrow() and write data to: =values!A2. This will store the rowlink of the triggering row so that we can use it later.
  3. Add a notify step, and open the Run Options in the top right.
  4. With this, we'll run the notify step once for each row returned by a filter. Something like:
    =filter(following, "following[records]=%", values!A2)
  5. In the to field, type =[follower]. Because we're using the run option, the context row has shifted from the row that had the changed data in it, to the row being iterated through by the run option.
  6. In the message area, type out a message and to reference the record that just changed, you would type =[records].

I think that would work.

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Man this was quite the little project. Thanks so much for your input, still testing but I think this can be a manageable workaround. A couple notes for others who might be trying to do something similar:

  1. for some reason when I tried to explicitly write THISROW() to =values!A2 the automation would break. I'm not entirely sure why, but I instead used =FINDLASTROW(VALUES)[Connector] , where Connector is the name of my first column.

  2. When I tried to implement this run step as you laid it out the automation would fail. I think it is because records on my Follower table is a Filter of records from my Records table. I even tried using IN to specify that the value is just one in a list of values and that also didn't work. I instead used =FILTER(FOLLOWER,"FOLLOWER[Key]=FINDLASTROW(ProductFollowAutomation)[Connector][Key]") since this would allow for a 1 to 1 match between both tables and allow me to send the notification to all the users I need to.

  3. I had to be a bit more explicit for the informational fields. For instance, I used =VALUES[Connector][Record Name] to add Record Name to my notification.

Thanks for your help @AndrewB definitely would not have been able to get this running without your input!

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Cool, glad you managed to hack it together! :slight_smile:

Shoot, I was so close. So this solution works fine for the first notification recipient but for some reason when the n+1 recipient receives the notification all of the informational fields return #VALUE!

Any ideas?

Can you post like all the screenshots? :slight_smile:

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Figured it out just after I wrote this :man_facepalming:

I was using VALUES[Connector][Record Name] and I think what that was doing was treating my VALUES table as an iterable list and essentially for each recipient it was going to the next item in the list (but there is only 1 item in A2)

So I switched it to FINDLASTROW(VALUES)[Connector][Record Name] so it is now retrieving the last item in the list which is a roundabout way to grab a single item, but it works!