Notifications log for troubleshooting

  • What’s your feature request?
    I will like to see a summary of all of the outgoing notifications going to various people to make troubleshooting easier.

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
    I'm using the PO Approvals template and I've expanded it to include some really neat functionality. But I'm currently troubleshooting notifications that don't seem to be reaching the end user. I would like the ability to see a list of the outgoing notifications so that I don't have to keep bothering the end user to see if they received it or not.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? There simply isn't a location to see this information unless it is coming directly to me as a user.

Overall, super awesome program you all have created! Kudos to everyone involved!

Thank you @Mattimus for your suggestion and feedback! I've ran into the situation myself a couple of times - wanted to see if an automation ran but didn't have a log... As a workaround I've been creating a "log" table and then adding an "add a row" action to all my automations, which add to that table. Seems to work okay, but definitely not a comprehensive logging solution.

I'll submit a feature request on your behalf though! Thanks again for taking the time to write and for using Honeycode! :bowing_man:

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That's an excellent workaround. I will give that a try.
Thanks @Oleg

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Let me know if it works for ya! :slight_smile:

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