Notify doesn't show a negative number

I have an automation that notifies the customer every 90 days what their current status is and how many hours they have left in their plan.
Here is a screenshot of the automation...
This scenario shown works great until they go over the hours in their plan and the output is a negative number...

Any thoughts?

Hi @Mattimus, thanks for your post!

I just tested this out and looks like you found a bug. (If I send an automation email with a negative number, it displays blank). I'll notify our team about this to address the issue.

For a solution in your case, perhaps you could set up an automation that would display "0" if the remaining hours is negative. Then you could also add a link to the app and a message for users to go to the app for more details.

To do this, set up a second automation that would only run if the remaining hours are negative. You can specify that in the "Run Options":

That message can have "0" in the remaining hours (rather than pulling from a column) and have the users to go to the app for more details:

Then if a user has a negative balance, this email would be sent:

Hope this is a helpful solution that suits you. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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Yeah! My first bug. Seriously though, for this being in Beta I have found very few issues with the program as a whole. Kudos to your development team for making such an awesome product.
I will use the workaround that you suggested and thanks again.


Thank you for your kind words, @Mattimus! I'll be sure to share that with team. :honeybee:

I'm happy the work-around is helpful too. :slight_smile:

If you run into anything else later, or have any additional thoughts on improving Honeycode, let us know.

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