Object to display image from data

What feature am I requesting? A screen object that can display an image defined by data in a table. 'Defined by data' could mean a blob data type or a URL that points to the image. 'Display' could mean displaying the image itself or a clickable thumbnail.

What problem am I trying to solve? A picture is worth a thousand words, and I can't fit a thousand words in the available space on my mobile app :wink:

This could also apply to other non-image document types such as PDFs, as suggested by user 'Grabs'. A library of standard thumbnails could identify those document types,


Hi @Mr-Bill, thank you for the suggestion. Filed with the product team.


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That would be an amazing feature.

It might be worth being more specific about an implied request embedded in this one. Of course the image object described above might trigger any of the usual Honeycode actions, but there are others that make sense in this context.

Honeycode needs to have an action category that launches a helper application. Helper applications might be any of the following, or many others that I haven't thought of:

  • Image viewer
  • PDF viewer
  • Browser (given a URL, for instance)
  • email client
  • phone / sms client

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