Only the first 10 contacts showing in the 'Contact' pick-list column


I have created the pick-list column based on the contacts (team members) available. (There are in total 12 team members.) However, the pick-list is showing only the FIRST 10 members.

I have already reported the issue. However, was wondering if anyone else faced the same issue before.


Hi @Gaurav_Kothari,

Just noting here that we've received your issue report, so we'll be continuing the conversation in that thread to take a look and get more info.

And yes, if any others want to chime in on this thread or are seeing anything similar, please let us know what you're seeing. :honeybee:

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Hi @Gaurav_Kothari,

Thanks for the quick correspondence in the issue report you submitted! :slight_smile:

I'm going to share solutions on this forum post as well, in case it helps other users on the forum that may bump into something similar:

If you have a picklist with many items, you are able to scroll the dropdown upon click.

You can also start to type the name of the item, and it will populate the list to match.

In a case for contacts, it's important to keep in mind that team member contacts will not be available to select in workbook tables until the added team member accepts the invitation to join your team. (Once they join the team, you will see them as available contact data to select in a table).

I'll also note that @Gaurav_Kothari provided feedback to be able to see more items listed before having to type, so I've passed this improvement request along to our team to evaluate.

Thanks again for the post, and feedback to help us continue improving Honeycode. :honeybee: :star:

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