ORDER BY a column from a rowlink

I'm quite new to Honeycode and trying to customize the to-do app template. I'd like to have a filtered list of tasks ordered by their priority. I've created a priority table to populate the picklist and given it a 'sort order' column. However, in my filter function I get an error when trying to order by "Tasks[Priority][Sort Order]". I think it takes issue with trying to access the sort order through the 'priority' rowlink, but this syntax works fine when used as the filter condition "Tasks[Priority][Sort Order]=%".

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Does ORDER BY support accessing columns through row links? I'd prefer to avoid putting the sort order in the priority name if possible.


Hi @Nich-dc32,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the community! :honeybee: :honey_pot:

For this, you would order by the rowlink as Tasks[Priority] without specifying the additional column. Meaning your formula may look something like:

=FILTER(Tasks,"ORDER BY Tasks[Priority] ASC")

I'll show you an example set up, so you can create a similar data model.

I have a Priority table that has a column for the sort ranking only:

And a Tasks table that has Priority column that's formatted as a rowlink to the Priority table:

And in Builder, the filter formula for the sort order of the list is:

This how it looks in app:

I'll also note that you can use the filter and sort features in the Display tab of the properties, if you'd like to add in-app user controls:

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honey_pot: :slight_smile: