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I have quite a few drop-down lists that are comprised of items from tables that are constantly being updated. The drop-downs items are shown in the order the item was created. How can I sort the drop-down alphabetically? In the attached screenshot I show the data field which is pulling in data from the the o_Organizations table using Rowlink. Just not sure how to control the drop-down sort/order now.

You need to use filters on the List object's Properties > Source > Set source

Something like:

=[someField]<>"" ORDER BY [yourDateField]

This filters empty fields (choose a column that's never empty) and then orders by date.

[Edit] @aj's answer is better, scroll down :slight_smile:

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Hi @Allen, yep exactly what @Stu had mentioned. I had a similar need for one of my apps and basically instead of the source type being a table, you set it to a filter (see below). There are a couple ways to consider:

  1. Sort by the data in the column needing sorting:

  1. Sort by using a weight (for example) which is just another column in the table containing the data that needs sorting.

And here's the example table:

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thank you

I’ll toss in yet another method... write that ordered filter into a table cell, and then every time you need an ordered picklist, source the data cell to that table cell.

This way, you don’t have to write the same formula over and over. :slight_smile:


Very clever @AndrewB, love it! So much flexibility. :slight_smile: