Outlook Integration


  • What’s your feature request? Outlook integration

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? I am creating an app to help my support team and they need to fill out templates and then send emails via outlook to various departments within the company.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? The email solution honeycode offers only allows 'notifications' to be sent with the template I created. We would then need to forward the template to the departments/staff members instead of emailing it direct from the app.

Hi @anon51328797,

Thanks for your request! I'll pass along your feedback and use case along to the team to consider for future Honeycode updates.

As you've noted, for a current solution, Honeycode has the ability to send email Notifications and Reminders. You can also add contacts to your team to be able to send those email notifications directly to those particular contacts.

Let us know if you think of anything else that would improve your experience or make your flows easier in Honeycode. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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Hi @anon51328797

We're excited to announce integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs. For more details check out our Release Notes - December 2, 2020 :grinning:

Happy building! :hammer_and_wrench: