Overwriting Cell Data with data column that is not editable

Hello Honeycoders!
I am trying to create a button on my app that allows for a user to cancel an appointment.
All of the actions I have set up so fat are working well except one.

In the photo below I am attempting to have the cancel button change the $[status column data] to "Canceled".

Things to know:
Canceled is in a pick list on table PL_Status
The $[Status column data] is currently not editable for users

How can I prevent users from editing the request status, but permit the button to change the status to canceled?

Hi @DannyHoney! :wave: I'm happy to help here :slight_smile:. So I know how I can assist with your scenario could you clarify a couple things for me. When you say that you want to "prevent users from editing the request status, but permit the button to change the status to cancelled" are you saying you want a click on the cancel button to only change the status of the item to 'Cancelled' on the app and not in the table? Or do you want it to change the status to 'Cancelled' on both the app and table?

In the mean time, I do want to share about the feature 'Update current screen', this may be what you are looking for in your case.

Happy Building :hammer_and_wrench:

Hello Matt!

I am looking for the button to update the status to canceled in both the table and the app.

The request status also appears on this same page outside of the screen shot that I provided. This is where is would be read only for the app user. The cancel button would be used to change status to canceled which would change the table and then the read only value in the app.

Hope I am explaining well. I can provide more photos if needed.

Thanks for the extra info @DannyHoney ! Considering that as well as your screenshot, it appears that the screen you are working on is a "details screen". For example the users can see a list of items and when they click on an item in the list, you pass data from one screen to the next and then take the user to that screen. In the example I created I have a screen where users can see a list of all meetings, when users click a meeting they are then taken to a details screen showing extra information about the meeting (in my case ‘comments’). Here are screenshots of my example app...

This screenshot shows a list of meetings that currently exist:

If a user clicks on one of the meetings in the list they are taken to a details screen that shows extra information about the meeting, in my case ‘comments’ about the meeting:

It is in the details screen where I want to include a cancel button so that it changes the status of my meeting to ‘Cancelled’ in my table as well as the app. To do this I’ll replicate what you have in your screenshot and make a few call outs so that it works properly.

1.) First thing I’ll do is create the ‘Cancel’ button and set the source of its block to $[InputRow]. What this will do is ensure my ‘Cancel’ button is referring to and changing the appropriate data.

2.) Next I created the Overwrite automation and set ‘Take data from’ to FINDROW(PL_Status,"PL_Status[Status]=%","Cancelled")

Then set the ‘write to’ to the ‘Status’ column of my ‘Schedule’ table

As a result, clicking on the cancel button will update the row of data in my table and set the ‘Status’ to ‘Cancelled’. This will also cause the update to show in my app as well. Here is the app in action:

Let me know if you have any questions on this or if your set it is different, happy to continue to work through this together :smiley:

One other thing I'll note is that if you want to hide the cancel button, for any items that already has a 'Cancelled' status, you can leverage conditional visibility to accomplish that. From your screenshot, I think you might already be aware of that though :slight_smile:

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